You have been directed to this page to select the level of access and security required for your wireless LAN connection. Please read all directions before proceeding.

Harvard wireless is available to the Harvard Community in a number of locations throughout Cambridge and Boston, bringing mobility to the workplace and academic life of students, faculty, administrators and campus visitors. Please review the Harvard University Wireless Acceptable Use Policy before proceeding.

Please select the scenario below that best describes your wireless access situation by clicking the appropriate button to the left:
Guest Access
For temporary campus visitors who require only basic Internet access.
Harvard University
For personnel and students within HUIT or its supported schools with older devices lack the latest network security protocol support. Your Harvard ID and PIN is authenticated via web browser to provide an unencrypted connection.
Harvard Secure
This access method utilizes the latest encryption and authentication standards of the IEEE 802.1x standard to provide a secure wireless connection using your Harvard ID and PIN. This connection method is preferred and recommended for all personnel and students. If this is your first visit to the Harvard Secure wireless network, your laptop or PDA will be updated at this time via an automatic supplicant. This process takes only a few moments. Once your device is configured, future access will be seamless.
eduroam (education roaming) is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community. This link will pre-configure wireless devices for seamless wireless access when visiting eduroam member institutions.
Sponsored Guest Access

Harvard personnel with a valid HUID and PIN may establish Sponsored Guest Access (SGA) privileges for individuals without a Harvard affiliation that have been invited to the Harvard campus. These individuals may include conference attendees, visiting professors, short-term contractors or anyone the Sponsor believes will require a higher level of access to the Harvard network than is provided by the Harvard Guest access described above. A sponsored guest account is valid for a time period not to exceed 30 days. Please click here to create a sponsored guest account.

Additional Assistance

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact your local support staff.